"The Fang Gang- Conditioning, Floorwork & Stretch with Hoodlum Fang

Hoodlum Fang Pole Dance Ambassador
Beat the lockdown blues this February with Hoodlum Fang. Hosting daily 15 minute conditioning sessions for your pole journey with our amazing brand ambassador instructors plus some special guest instructors.


Hoodlum Fang Pole Dance AmbassadorsWe understand that this lockdown has put more of a toll on folx mental health, being locked indoors and the weather being crap outside so you can’t even go for a nice stroll is not ideal. So we at Hoodlum Fang have decided to partner up with some of our brand ambassadors who are also instructors and some of our friends to bring you something to bring a smile to your face. We’re bringing you short 15 minute conditioning sessions every week day from Monday-Thursday Live on facebook at 6pm UK time starting Monday 1st February. Our brand ambassadors offering regular sessions are Jax Pole, Lauren Elise, Nadia Traynor & Peach Lee Ray, plus some special guests including our founder PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Chlo Hood (pictured below right).Hoodlum Fang Pole Dance Ambassador

Our wonderful brand ambassadors and friends are here to bring you something for everyone! From free movement, freestyle tips, stretching, strength conditioning, floorwork, floor tricks, heels conditioning, the lot! We understand that not everyone has the space or the financial means to have a pole in their room so all these conditioning exercises are totally floor based and designed for small spaces, some of our instructors are living in tiny flats as it is so they get it!

Hoodlum Fang Pole Dance BrandWe also understand how tough things are for our instructor and studio owner friends right now, fitness instructors have been the hardest hit financially during this pandemic with the least amount of government support, so our wonderful brand ambassadors will be paid for their time by us and all their class information should you wish to take a class with them is available in the facebook group. We will ask of you, if you are currently taking online classes with your studios, please don’t skip them for free sessions. If you have the means, your studio needs you now more than ever! We are providing these sessions for those who may not have the funds to pay for online classes now, who don’t have the mental health headspace to do a full 1 hour class or those who just don’t have the space but want to keep their skills up ready to go back with a vengeance.

We are also hoping to add some educational resources and hold talks in this group about issues we are facing as a community, especially to marginalised folx in our community.

You are free to dip in and out of any sessions you fancy during the month, there is no pressure to do them all!

Join the following facebook group to get access to all the live workouts:

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