Crazy Pole Augsberg Win at STAC Festival

Crazy Pole Augsberg Pole-Dancing Competition

Congratulations to the Crazy Pole Augsberg troupe on their recent win at the STAC Festival.

The STAC-Festival ist organized by Thomas Walk, begins friday and ends sunday and gives a stage for artists of all kind:
Musicians, Choirs, Poetry slam, Kids dance contest, Adults dance contest, Rappers and a lot more.

All artists show their abilities without being paid, the whole festival is organized with a not for profit approach. The entry fee for each day is only 1,00€

Every day there is a contest and the audience decides who the winner is.
Crazy Pole Augsberg Pole Dancing Troupe

On Sunday there was the dance contest and CrazyPole Augsberg attended with 6 pole dancers who included PDC Approved 4 star Pole dancing Instructor Nadine Rebel, her daughter and 4 students who won the competition (pictured above and right).

Nadine said choreography had been undertaken once a week over a 6 week period. Nadine choreographed the routine and selected the music.

Watch the Crazy Pole winning routine.

Crazy Pole Augsberg Pole-Dancing Competition winners
The Crazy Pole Troupe performed a blend of pole dance and pole tricks to wow the audience. 

It is great to see pole dancing on a large stage promoted to those outside the pole dancing industry. The Pole Dance Community would like to thank Nadine and her pole dance troupe for taking pole to the masses and for promoting pole dancing in a positive light.

Well done to Crazy Pole Augsberg.





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